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So You Want a Healthy Pancake

Have you been craving a good old fashion buttermilk pancake but you are trying to stay healthy. Well have no feare because you can still enjoy a delicious pancake at a fraction of the calories.

All you need are the following ingredients:

1 Medium Banana

1 Large Egg

1 Pinch of Cinnamon

1 TBS Butter

Peel the banana place it in a bowl use a fork to mash it up until it is smooth. Crack the egg in the bowl and whip it all together until it has no lumps. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon in the bowl and mix it in.

Heat a small frying pan and place a tablespoon of butter in the heated pan. Pour the pancake mix in the frying pan and cook the pancake for 2 mins on each side until its golden brown.

Once it is done you can top it with fresh berries, honey or cinnamon and brown sugar grinder from Trader Joe's.

This pancake is so good and you will not feel guilty for eating it.

*If you feel like the pancake is missing anything you can use 1 tablespoon of almond or coconut flour in the mixture.


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