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Day 1 on a DIET. (Ready not Ready)

We all wake up one morning and say "this is the day I'm going start losing weight or go on a diet." You pack your lunch of yogurt, salad, half of a grapefruit and water and you're off.

You leave your house and you're ready to start your day and your diet. You get in your vehicle and start driving to work and the first thing you see is your favorite breakfast spot. You start holding your steering wheel a little tighter and will the light to turn green so you wont have to sit there and look at or even smell the aroma coming through your vent in your vehicle.

Yes, you made it to work without giving in to temptation. You settle in, set up your area to start eating your breakfast. Your yogurt is going to be so good because you brought the one that taste like your favorite dessert or fruit. After, your yogurt is gone and you tell yourself "I'm good, I full, I got this." Then, your coworker comes by eating a bagel and drinking a cup of coffee and offers you half of the bagel. You reply "no thank you I'm on a diet." Then, you start going into your whole spiel "I'm low carb, not carb, Atkins, Keto, Paleo" or whatever you're doing. However, the whole time your eyeballing the bagel.

Your coworker walks away and now your watching the clock thinking about how good your salad is going to be. You keep looking at your watch and it's only been 10 mins. You decide to drink your water thinking "that will make me full." That's going to work "OK I got this"

You keep working and your stomach starts growling. Well, of course that means you're hungry so you eat your half of a grapefruit.

You tell yourself "OK now I'm good"

You go on about your day. You go to the copy room to make a copy and when you pass the break room someone has baked goods on the table. You're alone so you go in there. You look at them and you entertain eating one, just one. But you tell yourself "Nope I'm going to eat my salad I'm good."

You go to the fridge and you get your salad out and think "YESSSSSSSS." That hit the spot." Now you look at the clock and it's only noon and you realize you have still four more hours left at work and no more food.

Your coworkers are now having their lunch which is being heated up in the microwave. The smells are now invading your space. You're getting hungry again but you have no more food, you get antsy, start shaking your leg, and all you can think about is food. You want it and you want it now. You become angry because your coworkers are talking too loud in the break room. Your anger turns into jealousy, you wish you had the lunch your coworkers have.

Finally, everyone has had their lunch and you made it, BUTTTTTT your starving. You still have three hours left at work and all you can think about is getting off and having dinner.

Before you know it your biting your fingernails and don't know why. Your restless, have an attitude and just want to go home.

It's time to call it a day and go home. You get in your vehicle, start driving and it seems like you pass every fast food spot known to man.

You run in the house and and grab a bunch of grapes and the other half of your grapefruit. About and hour later you have some chips and salsa "It's healthy right".

Then you have dinner; baked chicken, baked sweet potato and steamed broccoli with butter and cheese.

You've had your shower now it's time to relax and watch some T.V. but........ you need a snack so some cheese and crackers will do because "it's healthy right?"

Now its time for bed and your already thinking about breakfast.

TIPS on how to get through Day 1

  • That breakfast and lunch was good however the execution was not right.

  • Once you get to work start working not eating. Wait until your hungry.

  • Eat your breakfast once the coffee and bagels starts flowing through your work space.

  • Time your snack midway between your breakfast and lunch.

  • Lunch time, eat your lunch when the masses are eating OR after they are done.

  • Second snack (the other half of the grapefruit) have that and hour before you leave work.

  • Once home make a glass of fruit infused water. (Actually cut up the fruit or cucumbers)

  • Sit down and enjoy your water.

  • Prep your dinner then cook it.

  • Take care of anything you need around the house.

  • Take your shower.

  • Sit down at the table and enjoy your dinner.

  • Relax and watch T.V. with 1 cup of grapes.

  • Brush your teeth.

  • Grab a water and place it by your bed (just in case you get hungry have a drink.)

  • Go to sleep.

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