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What’s Your “Diet?”

Where are you starting; are you?



Whole 30


South Beach


Low Carb

No Carb

Weight Watchers

Jenny Craig

Slim Fast

Nutra System

Intermittent Fasting

Starting a “diet” is a very big decision, however sometimes we don’t think so. If you are not a little apprehensive and ready all at the same time you may not be ready. Let me explain this a little bit further.

A “diet” takes the following 5 elements

Commitment – You have to make a decision to start a “diet” and commit to it.

Discipline – You have to be to avoid some food groups in all settings.

Time – You have to do the research on what you can eat, when you can eat it and meal preparation.

Energy – You have to have the energy to put in the work to make you “diet” successful.

Determination – You have to want to see your “diet” through to the end and not give up.

How long do you plan on being on this “diet” is it a day, a week, a month, six months or is it a “Lifestyle Change”

“Diets” that have a time limit on them will limit the time you maintain your weight loss. If you “diet” for one month, lose 10 pounds then revert back to your old eating habits you most likely going to gain back the 10 pounds you lost, plus pack on a few extra pounds.

If you apply the 5 elements and make it a “Lifestyle Change” there is no going back to the old way of eating. You will adapt to your new “Healthy Lifestyle” and it will become second nature, your “old way” of eating will be a thing of the past. Now don’t get me wrong you can indulge in some foods you have eliminated in moderation on special occasions or designated days like once a month.

Knowing how to recover from a "slice of cake" or any eliminated food is key. When and if you have chosen to indulge in and eliminated food do so outside of your home your "safe eating space." Once you bring that food to your "safe eating space" it allows temptation in. So that means if your on any of the "diets" listed previously and you bring home a bag of potato chips that's a "No,No" You eat the whole bag in one sitting or you keep going back and getting a hand full here and a hand full there and before you know it the bag of potato chips is now gone and you feel "guilty" because you messed up on your "diet."

A lifestyle change is more adaptable than a "diet" which puts pressure on you and puts you in a box (and no one wants to be placed in a box.) Allowing yourself a "treat" after you've mastered the 5 elements is OK your going to be fine.

Don't Be Boxed into a "Diet."

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